Pune to Sade Teen ShaktiPeeth Darshan Cabs 4 days Package

Car Type Charges Seating Capacity With Toll
Tata Indica A/C
Rs.17,000/- 4 + 1 Driver
9 Rs Per Km
Tata Indica Non A/C
Rs.15,300/- 4 + 1 Driver
8 Rs Per Km
Tata Indigo A/C
Rs.18,700/- 4 + 1 Driver
10 Rs Per Km
Tata Indigo Non A/C
Rs.17,000/- 4 + 1 Driver
9 Rs Per Km
Tavera A/C
Rs.20,400/- 6 + 1 Driver
11 Rs Per Km
Tavera Non A/C
Rs.18,700/- 6 + 1 Driver
10 Rs Per Km
Tavera A/C
Rs.23,800/- 8 + 1 Driver
13 Rs Per Km
Tavera Non A/C
Rs.22,100/- 8 + 1 Driver
12 Rs Per Km
Innova only A/C
Rs.25,500/- 6 + 1 Driver
14 Rs Per Km
Dzire A/C
Rs. 20,400/- 4 + 1 Driver
11Rs Per Km
Dzire (Non A/C)
Rs.18,700/- 4 + 1 Driver
10 Rs Per Km
Winger push backA/C
Rs.000/- 9 + 1 Driver
17 Rs Per Km
Winger push back A/C
Rs.35,700/- 13 + 1 Driver
20 Rs Per Km
Winger push back (Non A/C)
Rs.30,600/- 13 + 1 Driver
17 Rs Per Km

Note:-No Hidden Charges,

1) Including All Toll Tax,Parking & Driver Allowance.

2) Average Per Day 300 k/m.

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Routes from Pune to 3.5 ShaktiPeeth

From To Route
First day Route
Pune Kolhapur
Kolhapur Tuljapur Night Halt
Second day Route from Kolhapur
Tuljapur Mahur Gad Night Halt
Third day Route from Mahur Gad
Mahur Gad Vani Night Halt
Forth day Route from Vani
Vani Pune

Shakti Peeth Package

sadetin shaktipeeth yatra

Goddess TuljaBhavani of Tulajapur is one of the complete Jagrut Shakti Peeth of the Goddess among sadetin shaktipeeth. This deity is famous as Devi Bagvati (Bhavani). She is the tutelary Goddess of Maharashtra, being the inspirational, motivating deity who was revered by King Shivaji who established his kingdom ...

pune to 3.5 shaktipith darshan

Mahalakshmi Ambabai is one of the Complete Shakti peetha among sadetin shaktipeeth located in Maharashtra. The various puranas of ancient India, have listed 108 shaktipeethas where Shakti (the goddess of power) is manifested. Amongst these. Shri Mahalakshmi of the Karveer area is of ...

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Mahur is amongst the four places of pilgrimage having the abodes of the three and a half goddesses that are of major significance in the state of Maharashtra. The other three are Kolhapur, Tuljapur, and Saptashrungi and Mahur is half, because it is only the head of the goddess ...


The deity in the fort here has the honour of being a half Shakti Peeth of Goddess Shakti. The deity here is believed to be a form of the Goddesses Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and MahaSaraswati. It is also believed that after vanquishing the demons ShumbhaNishumbha and Mahishasur ...