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The best season or months to go to places in Bhimashanker ar Gregorian calendar month, October, November, December. Bhimashankar (100 kms) is ready around Bhimashankar life sanctuary reserve forests and may be a in style choice for nature travellers probing for easy stays and people wanting to try to to walking trekking in and round the reserve forest. Bhimashankar is additionally the supply of the stream Bhima, that eventually merges with the avatar stream.

Bhimashankar is found within the village Bhorgiri within the stairway region of the Sahyadri vary. placed at Associate in Nursing height of around three,250 feet, Bhimashankar is enclosed by hills and is roofed by thick inexperienced rainforests. Legend has it that the name Bhimashankar was originated from the stream Bhima that gaseous attributable to the generated between the war of Lord Shiva and therefore the demon Tripurasura. it's thought of to be one in all the holiest places in Republic of India owing to the Bhimashankar jyotirlinga is additionally a well-liked destination for trekkers.

Bhimashankar life Sanctuary is another vital reason why folks come back here. Bhimashankar is Associate in Nursing previous and ancient temple settled within the Sahyadri hills, in Maharashtra, India. it's placed in an exceedingly village named as Bhorgiri, fifty kilometre North West direction of Khed, close to Pune and settled at a hundred twenty five kilometre removed from Pune. Since it had been declared as “Wild Life Sanctuary” within the recent times, the place has gained a good significance. Bhimashnkar is that the supply of stream Bhima also. the wonder of the Western Ghats, the loftiness of Maharashtra, and therefore the blessings of nature create this place a true treat for the character lovers. The Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary is one in all the foremost stunning life sanctuaries in Republic of India.

The Bhimashankar life Sanctuary was declared by the government of Maharashtra on tenth October 1985 as a reserve forest for the Malabar big Squirrel and a large variety of different animals and birds. It covers a hundred thirty.78 sq. kilometre of forest. The Bhimashankar life Sanctuary is positioned at Associate in Nursing altitude of 2100 feet to 3800 feet, and is found within the Ambegaon taluka of Pune District, Maharashtra, infact; it's touch the districts of Pune, Raigad and Thane districts of the north-western a part of Maharashtra.

there's a shrine within the forest of the life sanctuary, that has one in all the twelve Jyotiralinga temples of Lord Shiva. The depression found on the far side this temple may be a wondrous combination of shrubs, witching herbs and vegetation and function the catchments space for the Bhima, Ghod and Arala rivers, that empty into the avatar. It receives significant monsoon downfall of approx. 6000 millimetre annually.

However, this forest has additionally seen some turmoil in recent years from tribals United Nations agency have felt unjustly burdened with the declaration of a life sanctuary in their ancestral atmosphere. The undulating Bhimashankar highland straddles the most ridge of Western Ghats with its peaks and flat ridge ace.

The easiest thanks to reach the Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary is to drive down from town of city, that usually takes around seven hours (approx. 250 kms). the most effective time to go to the life sanctuary is from the months of Gregorian calendar month to might..

The tourists ar recommended to hold bivouacking gear, dry snacks, binoculars, woolen garments and dipteron repellents. One may also trek from Karjat facet, from the hill village of Khandas (36 kms from Karjat station). There ar a pair of ways – Hindu deity stairway (Easy) and Shidi stairway (Tough), however each ways traverse through wonderful forest with made bio-diversity.

This is one in all the most effective habitats within the Western Ghats for the large squirrel and there ar confirmed sightings of tigers. However, business comes that request to create within the heart of the forest threaten the arboreal ecology of those creatures. planned roads additionally threaten the forest, as do development comes designed to cater to the wants of pilgrims.

State: Maharashtra
Famous for/as: Sahyadri life Sanctuary, metropolis purpose, Hanuman Lake.
Pincode: 410519
District: pune
Language: Marathi
Important festivals:Mahashivratri
Primary spiritual being:Bhimashankar(Shiva)
Architectural designs:Nagara
STD code: 02141

How To Reach Bhimashankar

The route to Bhimashankar from Pune is via Manchar. One can use our service pune to bhimashankar cab, The second route is from Rajgurunagar via Wada. One will move to this place, filled with natural beauty and wonderful scenery, and be back to Pune in at some point. Bhimashankar may be a sensible paradise for nature lovers, trekkers, jungle lovers and bird watchers. the most effective seasons to travel ar monsoon and winter. By travelling by pune to bhimashankar taxi Bhimashankar is seventy four miles or 127 kilometre from Pune by road. State buses go there from Pune daily, with quite 5 hours of bus journey. throughout the Mahashivaratri competition, once there's a good truthful at the temple, buses ply to and fro daily. it's accessible from Karjat on the Pune city section of the Central railway. there's no correct road from Karjat to Bhimashankar and solely the devotees United Nations agency want to travel to the temple on foot throughout festivals use this road.

If coming back from Aurangabad or Ahmednagar, move towards Alephata that is thirty kilometre from Nagar. Then move to Manchar that is sixty kilometre from Alephata. Take right from Manchar and once fifty nine kilometre to achieve Bhimashankar (Aurangabad to Ahmednagar is 112 km). Another route is via Sangamner, that lies on Nashik-Pune Road; from Sangamner move to Manchar so follow an equivalent route towards Bhimashankar, that is fifty nine kilometre.

From Pune ST buses ar accessible from Shivaji Nagar Pune to Bhimashankar at 5:30 within the morning to 2:00 pm and a price ticket is more or less 132/-. From Pune -> Rajguru Nagar -> Chas Kaman Dam -> Wada -> Bhimashakar; from Pune -> Rajguru Nagar -> Manchar -> Ghodegoan -> Bhimashakar; from city ->Chakan [i.e., exterior a part of Pune] -> Rajguru Nagar(Khed) -> Manchar -> Ghodegoan -> Bhimashankar. however these buses ar extremely unreliable. someday the buses don't crop up at Bhimashankar in the slightest degree in afternoon and guests have to be compelled to await hours for buses. there's nobody at Bimashankar Bus Stand to verify regarding the buses.

Many times, folks have to be compelled to glide by personal vehicles that ar extraordinarily unsafe. however as there's no choice accessible, folks select this and come back. Hence, if you're ranging from Pune by using pawar travel service pune to bhimashankar cab, begin early and you'll come back early.

places to visit near Bhimashankar

1) Jyotirlinga temple
2) Sahyadri life Sanctuary
3) Gupt Bhimashankar
4) Nagphani purpose
5) Hanuman Lake

1) Jyotirlinga temple:

Bhimashankar is Associate in Nursing ancient pilgrim's journey centre settled within the state of Maharashtra, close to Karjat. The destination is in style for housing one in all the twelve holy Jyotirlinga shrines in Republic of India, and 5 in Maharashtra. A legend has it that Lord Shiva had taken abode within the Bhima type on the crest of the Sahyadri hills, upon the request of the Gods.

Thus, this website housing the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga, came to be referred to as Bhimashankar. once the battle with the demon, the sweat poured forth from the body of Lord Shiva took the shape of Bhima stream, banks of that currently mark the location.This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, stands a hundred twenty five kilometre north of Pune and two hundred kilometre removed from city, within the stairway region of the Sahyadri hills. geological dating back to the eighteenth century, Bhimashankar Temple is characteristic of Nagara type of architecture, beside influences from Indo-Aryan design.

Intricate carvings adorn the pillars and door frames of this temple, raised over a Swayambhu Linga. The temple grounds cover another smaller shrine dedicated to Lord Shani. picket entrance of this temple, designed by Nana Fadnavis, is marked by a Nandi sculpture.Though an area of non secular importance, Bhimashankar is usually frequented naturally lovers for its life sanctuary, housing a range of species of flora and fauna. A reserve forest space, this life sanctuary is especially far-famed for the extremely vulnerable big Indian Squirrel.

Associate in Nursing abode to made life and vegetation, these dense forests lining the Western Ghats additionally provide a transparent read of the gorgeous surroundings. aside from the natural scenery, Bhimashankar is solely in style among tourists for trekking, birdwatching and different journey activities. Besides the temple and therefore the sanctuary, Bhimashankar is in style for attractions like Gupt Bhimashankar, Sakshi Vinayak, Hanuman Lake, Nagphani, metropolis purpose and a lot of. Once within the base village of Khandas, tourists will reach the situation via 2 main routes, the Hindu deity route and therefore the Ladder route.

The nearest air entree also as railhead to Bhimashankar is placed at a distance of a hundred thirty kilometre, in Pune. Those traveling by road will reach Bhimashankar either from city or from Pune. the most effective time to go to the destination is from August through Gregorian calendar month.
Holy Jyotirlinga may be a stunning temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. it's aforementioned that the temple is among the 5 Jyotirlingas placed within the state, that is made by Nana Phadanavis. The Holy Jyotirlinga displays the Nagra form of design. it's believed that Lord Shiva resided at the Sahyadri hills within the kind of Bhima to kill the Rakshas Tripurasura. After the battle, the sweat of lord is believed to possess become the Bhimarathi stream.In the premises of the temple, there's alittle Shani Temple and a large bell displaying the structure of Hemadpanthi, that was additionally designed by Nana Phadanavis. The temple is visited on the eve of Mahashivratri in sizable amount.

The hills of Manmod at a height of around one,034 m have the carvings of Bhootling, Amba-Ambika and Bhimashanker within the Buddha vogue. Activities like trekking and birdwatching may be enjoyed at this hill.


2) Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary:

In the recent times, the place of Bhimashankar has been declared and referred to as Bhimashankar wild life sanctuary. The place contains a peculiar feature since then. placed at the peak of around 2000 to 3000 linear unit, the Sanctuary covers space of around one hundred twenty sq. km. guests get to visualize completely different styles of animals also birds within the Santuary. There ar wondrous mountains and hills around and therefore it's a good and ideal place for activities like trekking.

Bhimashankar has stunning weather conditions within the Monsoon also as winters. Since it's settled at round the height of 3500 fts higher than the ocean level, the place invariably has cold also as significant rains within the season. It feels amazing after we visit the place throughout this point amount.

If you wish to understand the most effective amount to understand to travel and visit the Bhimashankar, then it's positively September to Gregorian calendar month since it's the time of Monsoon and winter after you get and feel an incredible atmosphere. One will see here, the nature’s beauty at its best and therefore the wondrous scenery too.


3) Gupt Bhimashankar:

This trails traverses from the south of Bhimashankar Temple through a magnificently dense forest with high cover trees. one in all the most effective trails to visualize the Malabar big squirrels beside scorpions, and reptiles that rest beneath the rocks and crevices. additionally a decent path to visualize the Western Ghats endemic birds like White-bellied blue flycatchers, Nilgiri Columba palumbus, Yellow-browed bulbuls etc. there's a temple “Sakshi Vinayak” at the end, from wherever the path drops down towards a stream. Here there's a knife symbol that is named “Gupt Bhimashankar”… there ar tiny perennial water puddles that attract several species of birds and butterflies and has many Water boatman and water skatters (insects)…..This trails futher results in Bhorgiri caves down the depression. Gupt Bhimashankar is placed close to the Bhimashankar Temple. it's believed that the first Shivalinga was discovered at this website and thus, it's visited by devotees in sizable amount.

It is placed close to the Bhimashankar temple. Devotees come back and visit the Gupt Bhimashankar from everywhere Republic of India, since it's believed that the first Shivlinga was discovered at this place.

4) Nagphani purpose:

This is the very best purpose path and stands at 3696 feet. Once at the summit, you're left breathless not such a lot from the climb, however from the aspect that opens ahead of your eyes. you'll see a superb sunset from the height. the bottom appears like a black and inexperienced patchwork with very little clusters of villages thrown certain slightly of red.
variety of small lakes glisten like rubies within the semitransparent ruby-red glow of the setting sun. curved rivers meander graciously around sleepyheaded villages like skeins of raw silk. The porter is dominated by forts and neighboring hill stations, like Matheran that protrude with pride into the sky. This path is incredibly sensible for look raptors (Birds of Prey) with regular sightings of Common Kestrel, Shaheen falcon, Oriental Pernis apivorus, Crested Serpent eagle, Black eagle etc.
The “Padar gad” , Tungi and Peth fort is simply below on the highland towards Karjat and A Hanuman temple is placed at the bottom of the summit. the highest is additionally far-famed for the carpets of wildflowers simply once the monsoon.

5) Hanuman Lake:

Hanuman Lake is one in all the popular tourer attractions settled in Bhimashanker within the district of Pune. Tourists will see various species of birds and squirrels at the lake. A body of water is another distinguished attraction at this website which may be visited throughout the season. Hanuman Lake may be a far-famed place at Bhimashankar, within the Pune district. There ar completely different species of the many birds at the Hanuman Lake. One gets to visualize rare birds and squirrel species at the place. within the season, a stunning body of water is one in all the attractions to the guests.please find the bhimashankar temple timings chart blow