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Pune To Ratnagiri Cab Ratnagiri is sitiuaded in the state of Maharashtra which is connected to NH 66. The total kms  from Pune to Ratnagiri is  304.6 via NH66 the time required to cover this distance is 6.5 hrs and the 2nd route is through mumbai which takes a total of 357.4 kms, Mumbai is the capital  city of the indian state.A Metropolis city. The major language spoken in ratnagiri is Konkani and Marathi. comming towards the Divisions of ratnagiri district there are nine Talukas within the ratnagiri district they are as follows

The prime attractions to visit in  Ratnagiri is Malgund its the birth place of the famous Marathi poet keshavsoot.  Themarathi literature society has created a wonderfull monument Called as Keshavsoot Smarak in memory of him. Valneshwar- it is 170 kms from Ratnagiri a village of velneshwar. near it you can find a beach lined with coconut trees  one can also swim there as its  free from rocks . near velneshwar tourist can find a old Shiva Temple which is mostly visited by the tourists.Tourist may find a large no of  travels from Pune to Ratnagiri .An airport is established in the Ratnagiri district but with no commercial flighs yet. If you are travelling from Pune to Ratnagiri cab you can also visit a place Malvani where you can find Malvani people they are an group from malvani region speaking Mallvani Language . Comming towards the beaches there are:Malvan Beach it is the most active beach in the Konkan district. This beach is not for relaxation as it is close to the center of city and the most accessible beach.Malvan is mainly famous as Sindhudurg fort" which has got a very nice sea shore. This fort is just 1km
away from Malvan jetty for public transportation there are small boats with a machine fixed inside it, such that 20 tourist can travel in that boat at a time. they provide a boat ride from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.

State: Maharashtra
Region: Konkan Division
Pincode: 415612
STD Code: 02352

District: Ratnagiri
Language: Marathi
Famous For:Alphonso mangoes.Beaches
Languages:Hindi/Marathi/ Konkani
Best Season:October – May.

Reasons To Vist Ratnagiri:

Beachside Bunglows located near Ratnagiri.
Home made meals available at your service.
It offers village and natural walks around the sea shore.

Places to Visit in Ratnagiri travelling with pawar travels

1. Mandangad

Pune To Ratnagiri Cab

Ratnadurg fort: Pune to Ratandurg taxi, This fort is surrounded by Arabain sea by all three sides having a shape of horse shoe and a length approx. 1300 m and width 1000m. The main entrance gate is at the center of the fort along with a hanuman temple at the entrance . From the entrance it self we can see entire glimps of the fort, it has many plants around it which makes it worth seeing. This fort was build during the rule of Bahamanee. Book Pune to Ratangdurg cab to admire this beautiful fort.

Pune To Ratnagiri Cab

Swayambhu Ganpati temple: One of the most renowned and striking attraction of Ratnagiri is Swayambhu Ganpati temple. It has been dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the Idol of Ganpati is inside the temple which has itself originated nobody made it ever. The idol is placed in such a direction such that golden rays of sunrise and sunset inflates and lights the idol.

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