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Car Type Seating Shirdi Package Shirdi Via Shani Shinganapur Package
(Indica A/C) 4 + 1Driver Rs.3600/- Rs.4150/-
(Indica NON A/C) 4 + 1Driver Rs.3200/- Rs.3700/-
(Indigo A/C) 4 + 1Driver Rs.4000/- Rs.4600/-
(Indigo NON A/C) 4 + 1Driver Rs.3600/- Rs.4150/-
(Innova A/C) 6 + 1Driver Rs.5200/- Rs.5950/-
(Tavera A/C) 6 + 1Driver Rs.4400/- Rs.5060/-
(Tavera NON A/C) 6 + 1Driver Rs.4000/- Rs.4600/-
(Swift Dzire A/C) 4 + 1Driver Rs.4400/- Rs.5050/-
(Swift Dzire NON A/C) 4 + 1Driver Rs.4000/- Rs.4600/-
(Xylo A/C) 6 + 1Driver Rs.4800/- Rs.5500/-
(Xylo NON A/C) 6 + 1Driver Rs.4400/- Rs.5050/-

Note:- 1) Including Toll, Driver Allowance.

2) Parking Extra.

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pune to shirdi cab :-

Pune to shirdi cab

Best way to shirdi from pune or Mumbai Airport is by taking a cab or taxi. We, Pawar Travels provide pune to shirdi cab. We specialize in taking guest from mumbai and pune Airport to Shirdi for Saibaba Darshan. pune to shirdi by cab will take you in comfort and style with no hassles of booking tickets. Depending on the time at your disposal and your arrival time visit to Shirdi can be completed in 1 to 2 days. If you have some more time you can explore more destinations. We provide pune to shirdi cab package, mumbai to shirdi, Vani and Shani Shingnapur taxi package, pune to shirdi and Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra car rental package :

1) Temple Tour of Shirdi and Shani Shingnapur from Pune Airport or Railway Station (1N & 2D) By pune to shirdi taxi.

Day one arrive in pune and travel to Shirdi (185 kms, 4 hrs) visit Sai Baba Temple and other places of worship in Shirdi, Day two visit Shingnapur Shani Temple (75 kms, 2 hrs) and return back to Pune (165 kms,3 hrs).

2)By taxi visit Shirdi, Vani, and Shani Shingnapur from Mumbai (1N & 2D)

Day one travel to Vani from Mumbai, visit Saptashrungi Temple (211 kms, 4 hrs) then reach Shirdi by late evening (110 kms, 2 hrs). Day two visit Sai Baba Temple and other places of worship in Shirdi and proceed to Shingnapur Shani Temple (75 kms, 2 hrs) and head for Mumbai reaching late evening (296 kms, 5.5 hrs)

3) Vist Shirdi and Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra from Pune or Aurangabad (3N & 4D or 4 N & 5D)

Day one arrive in Pune or Aurangabad and proceed to Bhimashankar jyotirlinga temple, (from Pune 110 kms, from Aurangabad 280 kms). Day two travel to Triambakeshwar jyotirlinga temple and visit temples in Nashik (296 kms). Day three travel to Shirdi (88 kms) and visit Sai Baba Samadhi Temple and other places of worship in Shirdi. Day four early morning visit Shani Shingnapur temple (75 kms) and then proceed to Ellora (103 kms) and visit Grishneshwar jyotirlinga temple and end the tour in Aurangabad or return to Pune (230 kms). With one day extension Parli Baijnath and Aundha Nagnath temples can be visited (250 kms from Aurangabad).

Note:- All above Tours / Routes to Shirdi can be customised as per your preferences by Pawar Travels. We also specialize in providing rental cars and transfer taxies to destinations in Maharashtra. Make Pawar Travels your travel partner and enjoy your pilgrimage in peace.

Pawar travels provides you the best desired  cab facility from pune to shirdi cabs  the total kms from pune to shirdi is about 210 with various  visual perception. As Pawar Travels is situated near Pune airport people coming from outside interested in visiting shirdi we provide them a  quick taxi  facility  from pune to shirdi cabs according to their convenience.
About Shirdi its about 210 kms from pune.  This housing of  Sai baba is one of the most best pilgrim place of Maharashtra state. Sai baba, the best saint and master was born and died in Shirdi. Sri Sai Baba belived to be the follower of Dattattraya the Guru.
He teached the people living there the importance of togetherness , universal brotherhood and various religious things of tolerance so people had faith in Sri Sai baba . The followers of Sri Sai baba  every year in a very high population comes to visit him having faith in him. Thursday was the day  when Sri Sai Baba attained”Nivarna” so people gave Thursday A special importance in memory of Sri Sai Baba .Manny annual festivals are celebrated at the temple during.

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Guru purnima and Dusshera . Guru purnima it is an Indian festival  which is dedicated to our gurus whome we call teachers or masters. This festival of guru purnima is celebrated by the Hindus the Jains and the Buddhists to respect our teachers and express a felling of thankfulness this festival is celebrated on the fool moon day in the month of (june –july)
Dusshera is also known as vijayadakshami or the tenth day of Navratri it is one of the most important festival of hindus as Goddest Durga had marked a victory against the demon Mahishasur. This festival is celebrated with a great joy across india Nepal and Bangladesh..We provide a driver with nice information relating to the particular place administrative body will guide our customers tothe simplest things that bump into the enticing journey of one return ticket prepare ,weconjointly offer cab facility from shirdi to pune airfield . We put together offer cabs to keep with customers satisfaction from Pune To Shirdi Taxi at a cheap rate package.

Shirdi is holy place. If you want Pune to shirdi cab taxi services then pawar travels is best option. As our travel office is located near Pune Airpot within one kms range. So we do our best to provide the facility to our costumer  Pune To Shirdi Car Service. While traveling in cabs from Pune to Shirdi Distance is approx 420 kms. There are two routes to travel towards Shirdi one is Ahamadnagar and the other is wai sangamner. On the way to Shirdi you can also visit Shree, Ranjangaon  Mahaganapati Temple. Car from Pune To Shirdi will also lead you toward Shani Shingnapur  A jagrit Sthan of Sri Shanidev known far wide for two phenomena. After that you can lead on your trip Pune To Shirdi Taxi. 
About Pune to Shirdi, Being a place where Indian spiritual guru Sai baba lived and regarded with great reverence by many pilgrim, this place is pilgrim destination for many devotees. People from abroad and all parts of India India visit the sacred shrine regularly. We make your travel easier by providing services from Pune To Shirdi Car Rental for making it easier for people coming from longer distances.To make there journey comfortable we provide the following services.
We have highly experienced staff. Our driver section is well cultured people understanding work ethics and thus making your journey very safe and forever memorable one. We look for customer satisfaction and hence we keenly get involved in every activity right from vehicle maintenance to your safe return from journey.
We continuously keep tracking your locations and activities so as to provide quick support. We have improved and changed ourselves in order to give back more to the customer that we take from them. To give best is our collection of vehicles as well maintained and consists of some of the best models in industry.
One can choose any of the vehicles that are best suited for their likes.Do try to travel with our experienced and knowledgeable drivers who take care of your requirements and never come in way of you comfort. Drivers having experience make your tour a safe one in terms of driving . We do provide one of the best Pune To Shirdi Car Packages for Shirdi and it is reviewed as best transporter by our customers.

Pawar Travels Provides our customer Cab facility from Pune to Shirdi Taxi. Shirdi is located in the Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra. Shirdi is known as the Land of Sai Baba. The Pune to Shirdi road map shows us the exact kms to reach Shirdi from Pune that is 201 km via Kopargaon –Shirdi-Ahmednagar- Pune Highway and Nh160.
A sweet journey of 3 hours and fifty mins which just passes away so easily by  enjoying the locality around on the way we can see number of fueal pumps various dhabas and hotels nearby.  There are numerous ways to reach Pune to shirdi like via NH 50 when you are taking this route then the distance between Pune To shirdi is decreased a bit that is 187 km with less traffic.
Shirdi being a Pilgrimage center, it also has large amount of population. Ahmednagar city is the closest  city to  Shirdi. Besides Shirdi  there are various places to visit like Sangamner which is 55.5 km from Shirdi which takes 1 hr  to reach there without traffic. Sangamner is situated on the Pravara River, one of the most developed cities in that area. The City got its name Sangamer as the confluence of the three rivers in that area namely  Parvara:Mhalungi: Mahanuti.
 The Shani dev temple in south is the most prominent Hindu temple in Sangamner ,  it is the good tourist attraction and  a great historic importance. Ganesh Festival is celebrated with great feeling of excitement in Sangamner . Other attractions over there includes a natural area at Khanjapur on the Natki River, Swami Vishwanandji Maharaj reconstructed  the area of the temple. Shirdi is best known for the most popular guru of the late 19th century Shirdi Sai Baba, one of the richest temple . Mahashivratri and Gurupournima are the most popular events celebrated in this Temple.


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Distances by Road to Shirdi:

  • Mumbai Airport / Railway Station to Shirdi distance is 240 Kms
  • Pune Airport / Railyway Station to Shirdi distance is 185 Kms.
  • Aurangabad Airport to Shirdi distance is 115 Kms.

About Shirdi:

Shirdi, a small town in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, is the home of Shirdi Saibaba (28 September 1835 – 15 October 1918), the late 19th century Indian spiritual master, who is regarded by his devotees as a fakir, saint and guru, according to their individual religious inclinations and beliefs. Shirdi is one place everyone has to visit at least once in a lifetime to experience its magical and spiritual power, to sense the living presence of Shri Sai Baba. Even today people flock to Shirdi in ever-increasing numbers to pay homage to the divine guru and experience the truth of Baba’s promise, that he would be active in answering their prayers even from the tomb. On any day around 25,000 disciples visit Shirdi to get Saibaba’s blessings. On holidays the number swells to nearly half a million people.

Must see places in Shirdi:

Pune to shirdi cab service Samadhi Mandir:
This is the most important site in Shirdi and the main focus of all devotees. In the temple Sai Baba's samadhi is located. Baba had promised that he will be active and vigorous even from his tomb; and it is here one can experience the phenomenon of Sai Baba and the remarkable way he has touched the lives of millions of people from all over the world. The temple premises also have the samadhis of Sai Baba's most prominent devotees. There are stores where one can buy Sai Baba's books (Shri Sai Samartha Satcharitra, Aarti books etc.) and you can also get clothes and Prasad that is offered to Sai Baba. Within the temple premises mobile phones and cameras are prohibited.

Pune to shirdi taxi service Khandoba Temple:
This is first place Sai Baba stopped when he travelled to Shirdi and it is here that Mahalsapati, the temple’s hereditary priest, recognised him as a Muslim saint and greeted him with the words 'Ya Sai!', meaning 'Welcome Sai!' then onwards everybody greeted the fakir as Sai. The temple has Khandoba and his two wives Bannai and Mahlas idols. At the entrance is a large banyan tree with a small shrine and padukas at its base.

gurusthan Gurusthan:
This is where Baba spent most of his time when he first came to Shirdi, according to him the tomb of his own guru is located by the neem tree. Baba had stayed under this tree for some years. Here in the presence of Baba padukas and sivalingan were installed which are worshipped every day. Gurusthan is a powerful place to sit quietly to meditate.

dwarkamai-shirdi Dwarkamai Mosque:
To the devotees Dwarkamai is on of the treasures of Shirdi, it is the place Baba resided for 60 years. On entering the mosque one is struck by its powerful atmosphere and the intensity of the devotees offering prayers. The mosque Dwarkamai is open all night (the lower level) so we may go there anytime. To this day lamps light are continuously in Dwarkamai providing us with an unbroken link to Baba and the lamps that he started and lovingly kept alight.

sai-baba-dhuni The Dhuni:
For the devotees, the dhuni is the most significant part of Dwarkamai. It is the perpectual burning fire that Baba built and it is has been maintained ever since, though it is much bigger and behind a wire baracade. Fire was always important to Baba, wherever he stayed – under the neem tree, in the forest or in the mosque he always kept a Dhuni. Here the spot where Baba sat is marked by a small pair of silver padukas on the floor just in front and to the right of the Dhuni. Baba would give Udi from the Dhuni to his visitors. The healing power of Baba’s Udi is well documented people still witness its healing power even after Baba’s mahasamadhi. Udi is still collected and distributed to devotees who receive it as an tangible form of Baba’s blessings.

lendi-garden-shirdi Lendi Garden is significant as it is the place Baba visited every day. It contains some tombs, a shrine and the perpetually burning lamp lit by Baba and placed between the two trees he planted.

dixit-wada-museum-shirdi Dixit Wada Museum:
The Museum is located in the Sansthan complex. On display are rare black and white photographs of Sai Baba. The museum also exibits many articles used by Baba during his lifetime like Baba's Kafni or robes, his leather Padukas, chillums or smoking pipe, water tumblers, bathing stone, gramophone records, and cooking utensils . The museum remains open from 10 am to 6 pm.

The Puja Pillar:
Just in front of the Dhuni on the right side is the painted wooden puja pillar. The Kolamba and water pot stand in the southwest of the mosque, Baba used this earthenware dish known as Kolamba to beg for food twice a day. In continuance of this tradition people still offer naividyam here and take it as his Prasad.

The nimbar
is on the western wall of the mosque, in the direction of Mecca. It has lamps in front set by Baba.

This is located next to Dwarakamayi. Every alternate night, Baba used to sleep in the Chavadi during the last decade of his life.

Thursday Palakhi Procession:
Even today, on Thursday nights, Baba's padukas are taken in a ceremonial procession from Dwarakamayi to Chavadi. This procession started in Baba’s life time, though he did not like the pomp and show but he reluctantly allowed his devotees to led him in procession from Dwarkamai to the Chawadi. A great saint, adored as a living diety, he tolerated the ordeal out of love for his devotees and a sympathy for their human longings and affection. One has to witness the procession that takes place every Thursday, accompanied with bhajans, music and guns firing marigold flowers, as it wends its way from the Samadhi mandir to Dwarkamai and further to the Chawadi. Shej Aarti of Shri Sai Baba is done here after the procession.

Saibaba Samadhi Temple's Daily Schedule
04.00 Temple Door Open
• 04.15 Bhupali
• 04.30 Kakad Aarti
• 05.00 Bhajan
• 05.05 Shahi Snaan (Holy Bath)
• 05.35 Aarti
• 09.00 Abhishek Pooja
• 11.30 Dhuni Pooja
• 12.00 Aarti
• 16.00 Pothi
• 17.30 Dhoop Aarti
• 20.30 Bhajans
• 22.30 Shej Aarti
• 23.15 Temple Doors closed

Temple Festivals of Shirdi:
Ram Navmi, Guru Pournima, Shri Sai Punyatithi

Accommodation in Shirdi:
There are many hotels in Shirdi to suit every taste, right from dharmashalas, budget to 5 star hotels. Accommodation is also provided by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi) (Contact Telephones  02423-258500 / 258770 / 258870)

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